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Life Insurance Uncovered: Understand the Basics

Life insurance is a BIG topic of interest for Employees.  And rightly so, because we all need it! However, choosing the right life cover can be challenging. Employee Financial Wellness Programmes therefore need to tackle this head on. If you want to make the task of...

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The 4 Personality Types of Money

As an Employee Financial Wellness Advisor I find myself time and again saying "Don't put all your eggs in one basket". It's a well worn cliche at this stage but it's true. It perfectly sums up the basic financial advice to spread your investments broadly. I've put...

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What is Financial Stress?

As an Employee Financial Wellness Advisor and Certified Financial Planner, I often state the case that making financial literacy supports available to employees will help to lower employee financial stress. These supports in turn reaps benefits for the employer. (Read...

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