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Financial Wellness Seminar


Our Employee Financial Wellness seminars are broken down into 2 distinct categories, Executive and Employee.

The Executive Seminars will deal with topics more often related to senior staff who may have more complex financial planning concerns. Popular seminar topics include Share Drawdowns, Overseas Pension Arrangements, Tax Planning.

Our Employee Seminars will focus on the day to day lives of your employees and will concentrate on educating attendees how to make the most of their finances. Seminars will be fun, interactive and engaging for all.

Employee Financial Awareness is a key part of the success of this program.


Our Employee Financial Wellness clinics afford each individual employee the opportunity to take the theory imparted at the seminars and make it relevant to their own individual situation.  They take place in the most convenient place possible for the employee, the workplace itself.

The clinics are typically 20-30 mins long.  They provide  employees with the opportunity to speak privately with the experts so that they can ask personal financial questions . .

Employees will book these clinics with us directly. This avoids any extra workload on you, but crucially ensures that employees get access to the answers to the questions they may have.

Financial Wellness Clinic


Employees like the knowledge they get from the seminars, but they love having that knowledge turned into an individualised functioning financial plan for them that delivers on the theory. Our employee one to one is the opportunity for your employees to have one of our financial wellness specialist construct a personalised plan which will address many of your employee’s financial concerns. This will be reviewed annually or when requested to ensure each employee amends their plan should their circumstances change.

Virtual Financial Advisor

Our Virtual Financial Advisor Service provides the flexibility and access required by today’s workforce. The workplace of tomorrow is changing. More and more employees are working from a variety of locations around the globe. We have designed a virtual advisor portal that will allow your employees to engage with our Employee Financial Wellness experts at a time and a place of their own convenience.

Our expert advisors provide personalised and tailored financial wellness advice remotely. Employee Financial Wellness Clinics and 1-1’s can be conducted securely and confidentially online addressing the challenge of providing wellness support to your entire workforce

Our tailored solution also provides a blended delivery model option where we can deliver financial wellness both in person and virtually. The focus of our programme is making a real difference to the everyday lives of each of your employees, no matter where they happen to be in the world! 

"Finances play a leading role in elevating stress levels for 52% of employees"

2016 Financial Wellness Survey

What Do Our Clients Say?

We used Nick and his team at Employee Financial Wellness to deliver information sessions and one-to-ones for our staff on the various elements of their financial worlds including tax, financial planning, insurance structures to name just a few topics covered.
We have had Nick and his team back quarterly since as our employees founds the sessions engaging
and incredibly valuable. I would have no hesitation recommend Nick and the Employee Financial Wellness team to any
organisation that wants to educate its employees in a clear, informative and independent manner.

David Beggs, Pure Pharmacy, June 2017

Every year we focus on one important wellness tenant and in 2018 our focus encompassed “Financial Health”. We were looking for a platform that would support and education our team on what true Financial Health can look like and the peace of mind it brings as a result.

This was the best received talk we’ve held in my tenure! We had a room that seats 100 squeeze in over 200 people. Not only that, but the 1×1 sessions we offered the following week were completely booked within a matter of minutes after opening the reservation system. Four months later I’m still getting stopped in the canteen and being told what a wonderful experience it was, and asking if the  team is going to return. I can’t recommend New Beginning/Employee Financial Wellness enough! They really worked with me to get three bespoke presentations and then engaged the audience in a meaningful and approachable way.

Sarah Knoppe

HR|Compensations & Benefits EMEA, LinkedIn

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"Take time to appreciate your employees and they will reciprocate in a thousand ways"

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