Employee Financial Wellness delivers a programme designed to educate, empower, and improve the financial wellbeing of your employees through a 3 pillared approach to improving the financial health of workplaces big and small.  


1. Measurement


The measure of a workforce is fundamental to the success of an Employee Financial Wellness intervention. We must understand the attitudes, opinions, trends and existing financial literacy levels of any given workforce. 

Attitude and Trends Survey

This measurement is taken at the outset of a programme to gain an understanding of the base level of a workforce. This is our line in the sand survey. This will allows us to not only gain an insight into the demographics, financial lifecycle stage and topics of most concern to a workforce but will also allow us to measure the success of our programme and prove your return on investment. 

This survey is taken at the outset and at the end of an Employee Financial Wellness intervention. 

Engagement Surveys

Feedback and engagement surveys are used following on from each tier of the programme. This measurement allows us to determine the popularity of various topics and will also allows us to establish the retention levels of employees through the various stages of the intervention. 

Individual Surveys

These surveys look to garner feedback from individuals who have engaged with our webinars/seminars and our clinics. This is designed to determine the effect the programme has on the financial literacy and their sense of increased comfort employees have with their financial wellbeing. 

New Starter Surveys. 

Given new starters have very little experience of the culture of your organisation, these surveys provide an excellent opportunity for us to gain an understanding of their concerns, needs and wants. 

New starters are going through a significant change in circumstance so often leave important financial decision on the long finger. These surveys allow us to determine the base level of new employees and can also be used to compare financial literacy levels of employees outside your organisation when compared against your existing employees.

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