Step 2 in the Employee Financial Wellness 3 pillared approach is Education. 

2. Education

At the very core of our approach is our education pillar. This pillar is designed to deliver behavioural change to your employees through an educational programme built to help employees understand their financial goals through 4 tiers of delivery.

We believe in a “No Surprises” approach to empowering employees to target future financial events to ensure that each employee fully understands the various elements that make up their financial worlds. These tiers are built bespoke to your organisations and can be used in isolation or all together. 

Our 4 Tiers of Delivery

1. Webinars and Seminars 

We don’t teach our kids how to manage their money in our schools, and as a result a huge number of us end up progressing through our careers without fully understanding “what a tracker mortgage is”. 

The first deliver tier of Employee Financial Wellness looks to deliver group learning webinars/seminars that focus of the various financial life cycle stages of your workforce. We focus our group sessions on different demographics within an organisation including New Starters, Early -Mid-career employees, late-career employees and redundancy sessions. 

These sessions are designed to teach the theory of Employee Financial Wellness and financial planning to the masses and will look to empower employees to understand their short medium and long term goals and learn how to target their own future financial events. 

2. Masterclasses

Our specialist masterclasses look to target the individuals’ elements with an employee’s lives. While our seminars/webinars teach financial planning fundamentals, our masterclasses educate your employees on the individual topics with their financial setup. 

Masterclasses include Mortgages Uncovered, Beat the Taxman (legally), Savings and Investments, Budgeting, Retire Well and Redundancy Decisions to name just a few.  

3. Clinics

Our individual clinics are also hosted both virtually or in-person and are a crucial piece of the Employee Financial Wellness jigsaw. Individual employee clinics are always extremely popular in that they afford your employees the opportunity to have an individualised financial roadmap built specifically for their situation. 

Each employee is unique and has their own set of circumstances so our clinics allow employees to ask the question that is relevant to them and have items they never thoughts to consider highlighted to ensure that employees are set on the right path to achieving their life goals and dreams.  

They are 30 minutes long and the employee will leave with some high-level direction and goals to work towards.

4. Solutions

Employees will be provided with the opportunity to connect with real functioning solutions from regulated and qualified experts. One of the biggest obstacles to improved financial wellness is inaction. 

Employees often engage with health promotion supports but without any action or change to their behaviour, they simply fall back into their old bad habits. 

Employee Financial Wellness will ensure that employees are informed of the mechanics of how to makes changes to their financial set up which will, in turn, ensure that they arrive at their future financial events fully prepared for the associated cost. 


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