Our Story

Employee Financial Wellness began as part of the New Beginning story.   New Beginning started life in 2010 as a group of barristers who wanted to help ordinary people deal with the banks in relation to their finances. Since then, we have expanded and grown our customer offering and we have now launched Employee Financial Wellness which aims to educate and help employees.  We operate as Independent Financial Advisers which means we have no affiliation to a particular product provider and you are guaranteed non-partial advice.   Our team are highly qualified and experienced experts and two team members are Certified Financial Planners, CFP®.

Our goal is to ensure that we educate and empower your employees to make the right financial decisions, now and into the future.

Employee Financial Wellness was established with an understanding that employee engagement at work is a key driver of increased productivity, stress reduction and increased wellness for employees. This leads to a happier customers which in turn leads to an increased bottom line for the company.

Our mission is to improve Employee Financial Wellness by helping employees to fix the past and secure and build their future.

Happy Employees, Happy Customers, Happy Shareholders!

  • Knowledge & Expertise 100%
  • HR Support 100%
  • Value for Money 100%
  • Customer Happiness 100%
  • Independent Financial Advisers 100%

"Independent Financial Advisers are deemed the most trusted resource for Financial Advice"

PwC Employee Wellness Survey

Programme Leads

Nick Lawlor - Managing Director - New Beginning Financial Services

Nick Lawlor

Managing Director

Nick is a Certified Financial Planner, Qualified Financial Adviser, Specialist Investment Adviser and the Managing Director of New Beginning Financial Services.   Nick leads the Employee Financial Wellness team and is responsible for all elements of the service from tailored programme design to implementation.

Kieran Ward - Director Financial Services

Kieran Ward

Director, Financial Services

Kieran is the Financial Services Director and has over 10 years experience in the financial services industry.   Specialities include Financial Education, Strategic Financial Planning for Senior Executives and Group Scheme Management.   Kieran works closely with Nick in the implementation of the Employee Financial Wellness programmes.

Kieran Ward - Director Financial Services

Mark O'Grady

Director of Financial Wellness

Mark runs the Employee Financial Wellness programme.  Mark’s goal is simple; education. He’s there to help employees understand the areas of their financial plan that are important and specific to their personal circumstances and employee life-cycle stage.He is involved in the delivery of Seminars and is your point of contact for the Clinics on-site at your office. Mark loves a good presentation question so be sure to ask lots of them!

Kathy Moore - Client Services - New Beginning Financial Services

Kathy Moore

Client Services

Kathy is our client services lead and is the one responsible for making sure our services and schedules run smoothly. She supports the administration, client interactions and scheduling of our Employee Financial Wellness Seminars, Clinics, One to One’s and our HR Consultancy appointments. If Kathy doesn’t know about it, it’s probably not going to happen!

Ross Maguire - Senior Counsel and Founder New Beginning

Ross Maguire

Senior Counsel & Founder

Ross is a Senior Counsel and the founder of New Beginning.   He is a frequent expert contributor to the national media and has led the way on debt related matters in Ireland.  Ross delivers Financial Wellness Seminars in the areas of Legal & Debt related subjects.

Nick Lawlor - Managing Director - New Beginning Financial Services

Shannon Scanlon

Lead Solicitor

Shannon is the lead solicitor of our partner legal firm and the head wizard of all the legal content of our Employee Financial Wellness programme. If employees need guidance on buying their home, writing a will or if they have any legal query they may need some assistance with Shannon will almost always have the answer.

Emmet O Conghaile - Employee Financial Wellness Specialist

Emmett Ó Conghaile

Employee Financial Wellness Specialist

Emmet is our in-house sports hero! Every organisation should have an Emmet. Emmet has represented Dublin at Junior, Under 21 and Senior level. He brings a huge understanding of sports motivation and psychology to the Employee Financial Wellness team. He is a Business and Law graduate and has a Masters in Strategic Management and provides. Emmet shares his experiences of what sport can bring to an individual’s life and focuses on ensuring your employees understand how to get their work life balance just right.

Morgan O'Connell - Employee Financial Wellness

Morgan O'Connell

Employee Financial Wellness Specialist

Morgan is one of our Employee Financial Wellness Specialists that will deliver Seminars.  Morgan will meet with your employees to help them put real functioning financial plans in place. Morgan is a Certified Financial Planner ™, Qualified Financial Adviser and a Personal Insolvency Practitioner. Morgan is the type of person that employees tend to love as he is a straight talking and humorous Cork man with a fair bit of knowledge to back up the talk!

Eimear Fitzmaurice - Head of Debt Management

Eimear Fitzmaurice

Head of Debt Management

Eimear is our debt help person. She has many years of experience in the financial services industry and now heads up our Debt Management Division as part of New Beginning.  Eimear is a Personal Insolvency Practitioner, Qualified Financial Adviser and a Retirement Planning Adviser. She specialises in helping employees who have had difficulties with their mortgages.  Eimear delivers our Employee Financial Wellness Seminars on the 4 main routes to addressing debt issues. An extremely valuable session to those who need it.

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