National Workplace Wellbeing Day 2018 is just around the corner! Taking place on April 13, the event focuses Ireland’s attention on employee health and wellbeing – so needless to say we’re massive fans of the workplace wellbeing day here at The Wellness Crew. To put it into perspective it’s kinda like our Paddy’s Day!!!

National Workplace Wellbeing Day is championed by IBEC and Food Drink Ireland – and Boy have they done a good job since the inaugural Workplace Wellbeing Day 4 years ago. It flies the flag for employee wellness higher and higher each year.

If your company has taken part in National Workplace Wellbeing Day in recent years then you’re already familiar with the benefits of participating. I’m guessing you’ve probably already signed up to this year’s Workplace Wellbeing Day and are busy looking for wellness day event ideas. Feel free to contact the Crew for some inspiration here.

Why should you participate in National Workplace Wellness Day 2018?

If you’re thinking of signing up to National Workplace Wellbeing Day but haven’t quite gotten around to it yet, you may need a little push. And what better incentive is there than to understand the benefits of syncing your corporate wellness strategy with the National Workplace Wellbeing Day initiative.

I’m not going to go into minute detail about the benefits that a corporate wellness policy has for your company. We’re all familiar with the positive relationship that employee health and wellbeing has for productivity, reduced absenteeism, employee retention and so on. Let’s just call it a win win.

Chances are you already have a corporate wellness policy, or at least some employee wellness initiatives in place. The way I see it then, is that the true benefit of participating in National Workplace Wellbeing Day is about sending the message to your employees, and future employees, that your serious about employee health and wellbeing. Raising your hand on the national stage to say “We’re Onboard for Employee Wellness” does just that.


So, how do you get involved in National Workplace Wellbeing Day?

It’s simple. You organise wellness day events and activities that promote the health and wellbeing of your employees. You can make up your own events or join in on some of the nation-wide wellness day events organised by FDI such as the Lunch Time Mile.

Once you’ve got your wellness day plan sorted you can register your company as a Workplace Wellness Day participant on the Food Drink Ireland website here. Now all of Ireland can see just how much you care about employee wellbeing.

You can promote your wellness day events further by using the hashtag #WorkWell18 on social media.

Enjoy Workplace Wellbeing Day 2018!

Remember that April 13 is a day to highlight your company’s commitment to employee health and wellbeing and – and it’s a big AND – to have fun doing it! Wishing you a very happy Workplace Wellbeing Day 2018 from myself and the rest of The Wellness Crew. 


Aine Ryan–

MD, The Wellness Crew

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